If you want use a domain for your mailings other than the domain name we provided with your account then please follow the steps below to set it up.

Decide on a domain for you mailings. For instance if your company’s domain is <example.com> you could choose<newsletter.example.com>

Next you will need to add or modify your MX records so that the domain that you chose for your mailings will resolve to our email servers. 

The email servers that we are using are at the following addresses where civismtp is the main server and 2 and 3 are backups respectively:

  • civismtp.uas.coop
  • civismtp2.uas.coop
  • civismtp3.uas.coop

 Example MX entries follow assuming that the your email domain is newsletter.example.com

newsletter.example.com. IN MX 5 civismtp.uas.coop.

newsletter.example.com. IN MX 10 civismtp2.uas.coop.

newsletter.example.com. IN MX 10 civismtp3.uas.coop.

You can check whether you set your mx records correctly here:


It may take anywhere from 24 - 72 hours for the MX record changes to propagate. You need to wait for the MX changes to fully propagate before you test your mailings.  

Additionally you will need to set up SPF records - please see the instructions here