1. What is the Setup process and how long does it take?

    Once you complete the Application Form for the Service order and agree to our Terms of Service we will review your application on the same or next business day. 

    If the email address in the application is not from the same domain as the website domain then we will require an email verification from somebody at the applying organization to confirm that the applying individual is authorized to act on the behalf of that org.

    Once the account is approved and verified we send you login details as well as an invoice for the initial charge of $65.00 as stated on the Pricing Page.

    Once we receive your payment we will activate your Account, setup your email domain and send you an email confirmation with the domain and instructions. 

    You can then follow the instructions here to configure your account and start using our service.

    Please note that domain records might not be fully propagated through DNS at this point and it might take up to 72 hrs for them to fully propagate. We have no control over how long this will take but the max is 72 hrs.

    Also note that even if you use your own custom domain the DNS propagation times are the same - up to 72hrs.

    Depending on all these factors it can take 1-5 days for the account to be setup where you can start sending emails.

    Typically this takes 1-2 business days.

  2. How much does it cost?

    Please see our Pricing here.

  3. What are the system requirements?

    • CiviCRM 1.9+ with CiviMail component enabled - please consult the CiviCRM Documentation on the system requirements for a particular CiviCRM version. Keep in mind that CiviMail requires PHP 5 compiled with the SOAP and DOM extensions; it won't work with PHP 4.
    • Make sure that your PHP is compiled with SOAP libraries - this is necessary for the CiviCRM SOAP Server to work.The CiviCRM Soap Server is simply a script that comes with CiviCRM and can be accessed via the web after you have successfully installed and activated CiviCRM and CiviMail. This is the URL that we will be contacting about subscribes, unsubscribes, replies, bounce, etc.
    • Make sure that you are able to make outgoing requests to port 20095 from your server as some hosting providers may block this port by default.
      You can check if that's the case by using command line shell on your server and entering the following command:

      telnet civismtp.uas.coop 20095

      If you see a message like "Connected to civismtp.uas.coop." then the port is not being blocked. Otherwise you have to consult with your hosting provider about how you can make outgoing requests to port 20095. If your hosting provider doesn't make it possible to make outgoing requests to port 20095 you won't be able to use our service with that hosting provider.

  4. What kind of support do you provide?

    We provide support via email and Support Forum.

  5. Do you provide CiviCRM hosting?

    No, we do not provide CiviCRM hosting. Our service provides external email infrastructure for you to be able to send bulk emails from an existing installation of CiviCRM.

  6. Can I use my own custom domain for my mailings?

    Yes, you can use your own domain instead of the one we provided with the account. For example if your organization uses example.org domain for a website you can use newsletters.example.org for your mailings. You will have to configure MX records for this subdomain - see instructions here. If you have already configured your CiviCRM and CiviSMTP Account with the domain that we provided for you, you will have to reconfigure it with your own domain. 

    To reconfigure your CiviCRM follow Step 2.2 of the setup and replace yourorgname.civismtp.com with your custom mailing domain, for example newsletters.example.org

    To reconfigure CiviSMTP Account go to your CiviSMTP Account Settings and in the "Email Domain" field replace yourorgname.civismtp.com with your custom mailing domain (for example newsletters.example.org)

    Please note that  when choosing a domain for your mailings you should always use a subdomain of your organization's main domain, such as newsletter.example.org. That is because in all likelihood your main domain is already used for your organization's main email.

  7. Do I need to configure SPF records?

    SPF records increase deliverability of your mailings. 

    If you use the domain we gave you with the account, then your SPF records are already set up and no further action is necessary.

    If you use your own custom domain then you will have to set up SPF records yourself. 

    You will need to add a proper DNS TXT record using your DNS provider's tools. This record has to be specifically set for the subdomain you are using with CiviSMTP, for example newsletter.example.org.

    The value for this record should be set to:

    v=spf1 mx include:_spf.civismtp.org ~all

    (Please note you can change the last ~all to -all to make this record more strict and disallow any other senders except those in MX records and those specified in _spf.civismtp.org SPF record. This will essentially disallow any other senders except CiviSMTP).

    Here are some tools to help you check that what you set up is valid:


    When testing your spf records, please use for the sending IP address value.

    To check what your current SPF records are, you can use the MXToolbox tool:

    http://mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx - enter spf:<your_custom_domain> in the search field

  8. Do I need to set up the Return Channel myself? 

    No, you do not need to set up the Return Channel or the CiviMail Processor as described here. CiviSMTP takes care of the return channel  and all of your bounces, replies and unsubscribes will be automatically processed and feed into CiviMail reports.

  9. Can I cancel my account at any time and how do i do that?

    All accounts are month to month and you can cancel whenever you want by emailing us.

    Note that if you cancel in the middle of the month no refund will be given for the remainder of the month. We will also send you a final invoice for any overage usage if you sent more than 3000 emails since the beginning of the month.

    This does not apply to new accounts that cancel during the first month as they are covered by the 30 day Money Back Guarantee - see full terms here.

  10. If I sign up in the middle or end of the month do you prorate the monthly fee?

    No, we do not prorate the monthly fee.